Tuesday Competitive League 2021-22: 

1. Season will be most a multiple round robin then playoffs. The top 4 teams advance to Club championship Page Playoff, and then all teams continue to play each other as they advance or drop out of Page Playoffs. No playoff monies.

2. Round robin wins are 2 points, ties are 1 point, loss is 0. Any team defaulting gets 0 points and the other team that was prepared to play gets 2 points. No makeup games this year other than the new 8th team just added will get to make up the first two week's games. Lost weeks due to weather means those games will not be played and the season final standings will just be out of fewer games. Page Playoff games lost to weather will be made up on a different day as arranged between the teams. Page Playoff games if tied play full extra ends until tie is broken.

3. Tiebreakers for advancing to the Page Playoff - will first be double round robin head to head, next will be head to head against all the other teams (plus any tied) for the same Page Playoff, then if still tied one rock shootout with sweeping. If both teams cover the pin or miss the rings then second throw by anyone on team with sweeping. If same thing happens then coin flip.

4. Be on ice by 7:05 or lose first end 1-0 and other team retains hammer. Repeats every 10 minutes. In round robin coin flip for last rock or choice of colour. In round robin no end to start after 9:00 pm for 7 pm games and no end to start 2 hours after start of 9 pm game.

5. 3 players minimum to play. For round robin you can have up to two spares but one must be a Listowel Curling Club member and any non member must play lead. For Page Playoffs you can have only 1 spare and they must play lead. In Page Playoff team with best standing to start Page Playoffs gets first choice of either last rock or colour.

6. This year we are going to continue with a 5 rock free guard zone.

Good curling.

Dennis Nuhn, convener