Congratulations Third Draw winners

1st place Dennis Nuhn and team

2nd place Bruce Cox and team

 Third Steve Rathwell and team

Congratulations 2nd draw winners.

Tied for 1st Bruce Cox and team and Steve Rathwell and team

Their game was cancelled due to the storm

2nd Dennis Nuhn and team

3rd place (3 teams were tied) but Reed Konings and team had beaten the other 2 teams 

 Congratulations 1st draw winners.

1ST  :  Bruce Cox and team

 2nd  :  Dennis Nuhn and team

  3rd  :  Steve Rathwell and team


Spares: Kyle Martin     519-291-9386

              Steve Wolfe    519-356-8893

              Mitch Dekker 289-259-8391 

              Greg Walker   705-495-5323